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Add members to target customers and have an order code to directly check which members have been added

Contact: 08.7749.6688 - Telegram: @keomemtelegramvvip


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Can check order

After ordering, you will have an order code, you can check the status web order status, details of which users are added, and when!

Add fast

The speed of add member is fast and slow depends on the customer, if there is a request for fast add, our party will not warrant because of risk !!

Target customer accurancy

You just need to send a list of the competitor's groups, the members of the competitor group will be added to your group!

Virtual interactive service for Group

Group you will have many members to chat together, creating virtual interactions for the group! Quantity depends on the order. Contact details @keomembertelegramvip

Areas Used The Service

Crypto, Forex, Mlm, Market (USDT, BTC, ETH ...), Cho San BO, Casino, Market ...

message service

This service alone can be completed very quickly depending on requirements client, send mass messages to specified users!


Service price list pull member

Add Mem Group


Quantity: 1000 members

Mem get from the other group

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Increment Sub Channel


Quantity: 1000 members

Virtual members for channel

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Auto Inbox


Quantity: 1000 members

Filter member online 100%

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Frequently asked questions

Is Add Member safe for the group?

Completely safe, but must follow our add member plan

I ensure the safety and guarantee the number of members during the add member process

If you buy 5,000 members, in the process of adding up to 4000 members, the mem drops or loses all memes, you will be warranted, will be added again until the 5,000 mem is full

Warranty will follow each order, for example if you buy 1000 members, then only tell The number of 1000 members means that if you buy retail, the previous quantity will not under warranty

Since the order is completed, after 2-4 days will complete the order and no warranty

Absolutely not

But in the process of adding members, there will be message lines such as (added, joined) and a lot depending on the number of members added, so to delete automatically (avoid diluting other messages) you need to add. A bot enters the group as admin

This bot has the function of Auto Delete messages (joined, added) and just unique Delete Message permission, the bot is completely harmless, and has no power to do anything else

If you add 1000 members, your order will be completed within a few hours. If there are slow add requests please message me!

In case of bulk add member 10,000 to 20,000, I will give a specific time

Absolutely, for orders placed on the web, you will receive an order code that can check the status of your order, what users have been added, and what time!

Order details will be displayed in detail, checkable at all times!

This is a newly opened service, you can order at the bottom of the website

After ordering, you will get 1 order code, this code you will check the message sent to which user, and what the content is completely transparent

This address Ethereum wallet : 0xd8094BfB69853871B6052166C4f7Bf18b423F362 Or this address Paypal: thach.humg@gmail.com

You need to transfer the correct content for the system to recognize your order !!

Note: Orders can only be made after your payment is made !!

Dịch vụ auto tương tác group telegram

  • + Group khoẻ hơn vì có tương tác
  • + Khách hàng tin tưởng hơn vì group có tương tác
  • + Tăng độ trust của sản phẩm/ dịch vụ. Tăng khả năng chốt đơn lên 80%

Website để làm dịch vụ:

Tool Add Mem Telegarm. Chức năng:

  • + Lấy mem từ group A ( Public hoặc Private ) Sang Group B
  • + Loại trừ mem từ nhóm C
  • + Lọc online Theo giờ, ngày
  • + Lọc offline Theo giờ, ngày
  • + Theo dõi tiến trình
  • + Dừng lệnh add mem
  • + Sử dung Dcom hoặc Proxy
  • + Lọc user có username hoặc không có username


This address Ethereum wallet : 0xd8094BfB69853871B6052166C4f7Bf18b423F362
Or this address Paypal: thach.humg@gmail.com